Text Box: 清真簡介
An Introduction of Halal
Text Box: 台灣清真餐廳/附設清真專區之餐飲旅宿
Taiwan Halal Restaurants/Halal Corner Included Restaurants & Accommodations
Text Box: 台灣清真商店宅配/附設清真專區之商店宅配
Taiwan Halal Shop & Delivery/Halal Corner Included Shop & Delivery
Islamic Association of Taiwan
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About Us
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Halal Zone
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Halal Zone
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Social Service
Text Box: 獲得台灣伊斯蘭協會認證之優良清真店家商品
Excellent Halal Business Units and Products Certified by IAT
Rounded Rectangular Callout: 如何申請清真認證?
How to Apply for Halal Certificate?


Restaurants and hotels certified by IAT as Halal are also listed on the website of Tourism Bureau of MOTC via regular updating of the newest information.