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An Introduction of Halal
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Halal Restaurants in Taiwan
Text Box: 台灣清真商店/宅配
Taiwan Halal Shop & Delivery
Islamic Association of Taiwan
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Halal Zone
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Halal Zone
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Social Service
Text Box: 獲得台灣伊斯蘭協會認證之優良清真店家商品
Excellent Halal Business Units and Products Certified by IAT
Rounded Rectangular Callout: 如何申請清真認證?
How to Apply for Halal Certificate?
Text Box: 台灣附設清真專區之<餐飲><旅宿><名產><超市>
Taiwan Halal Corner Included [Restaurants] [Hotels] [Local Snacks] [Supermarkets]


Restaurants and hotels certified by IAT as Halal are also listed on the website of Tourism Bureau of MOTC via regular updating of the newest information.